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I have just finished Data Science certification program provided by Harvard University and wanted to practice through an indivisual project. Here is my first project.

There are many breweries around world, but I chose Ireland simply because I like Guinness and it would be fun to discover more about beers produced in Ireland. You can view the R script here.


I used data from Kaggle. The data contains user reviews of beers from all over the world. I filtered reviews only for the Irish beers. The data is slightly outdated, but it is good enough for the practice.

What are the most popular Irish beers?

Note that…

First step: Install Scrapy

You can find the office guide tutorial in here. In the guideline it mentions:

We strongly recommend that you install Scrapy in a dedicated virtualenv, to avoid conflicting with your system packages.

As a beginner I found install a virtual environment section is slightly tricky, so I looked up a youtube tutorial that helped me and hope it is useful for other beginners like me.

Second step: Built my first scrapy project

Scraped Switch game news including news title, dates, URLs and the comments from Eurogamers. The purpose of this data is to see which…


My journey towards data analysis.

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